Babette de Zwart - fine art cake design



Below you can find a selection of my favourite flavour combinations, which harmonize and compliment each other.

For my modern design cakes I use intense and moist sponge bases. They have a fine taste, can be served easily and due to their stability are the perfect basis for beautiful, elegant and modern designs.

All my cakes are coated in Swiss meringue buttercream which is just incredible delicate, light and delicious in flavour. My ganache fillings are made of high-quality Belgian chocolate by Callebaut. 

  • salted caramel - macadamia

  • nutella - caramelized hazelnuts
  • chocolate ganache
  • dark chocolate - lemon
  • carrot - walnut - cream cheese

  • hazelnut - espresso ganache

  • lemon - raspberry
  • lime - strawberry
  • blueberry - cream cheese


All  cupcakes have intensive moist sponge bases, with fillings or toppings made of Mascarpone-Quark or cream cheese.


  • lime - strawberry

  • lemon - raspberry

  • dark chocolate ganache

  • chocolate - banana

  • chocolate - macadamia – salted caramel

  • lemon - poppy seed - lemon curd 

  • carrot - cream cheese

  • cardamom - honey - mango

  • red velvet - cream cheese

  • chocolate - blueberry