Babette de Zwart - fine art cake design

Wedding Cakes

by Babette

Congratulations on engangement

The wedding cake is often the first impression being served with coffee & cake, or a finale as the dessert for the guest. Therefore, it’s important it’s doesn’t just catch the eye visually, but also has an amazing taste.

I’d be honoured for the opportunity to design your dream wedding cake with you.

You can send an inquiry with the button below, or scroll further for some details about the wedding cake jouney we could take together.

How to order



You can get in touch by sending an email to or using the contact form.

If you have a design in mind, a Pinterest mood board or photos, please feel free to send it as well. This can help me get a first impression of your wedding design and colour schemes. 

If you don't have a firm idea yet, I am very happy to send you a range of interesting, fresh and modern design ideas for wedding cakes.

I will get back to you within 24 hours confirming if the date is available. If available, based on your inquiry I’ll send a non-binding offer with initial details, design ideas and costs.


Every wedding cake is unique.

The prices for my wedding cakes range between 7.50-9,50€/person. This price depends on size, complexity of the design and decorations such as flowers.



Are there too many flavours to choose from? Do you want to try before you order?

If so, you can order a Taste Box which are available once a month.

It costs 39€ incl. delivery (19,50€ will be deducted from wedding cake orders over 500 €).

Please state in your inquiry if you'd like to order a taste box.


Final Details

Once you’ve tried the different flavours, we will plan a final consultation call to finalise the last details for your wedding day.

After this consultation I'll provide you with a quote including all details of the agreed-on design and the total cost.


Your Day

When you order with me, you will always receive a full-service package for your wedding cake. 

Once you have placed your order with me I will take care of the rest.

I will contact the location in advance, organise all details regarding delivery, timing, serving and storage of your wedding cake.


Below you can find a selection of my favourite flavour combinations, which harmonize and compliment each other.

For my modern design cakes I use intense and moist sponge bases. They have a fine taste, can be served easily and due to their stability are the perfect basis for beautiful, elegant and modern designs.

All my cakes are covered in Swiss meringue buttercream which is just incredible delicate, light and delicious.
My ganache fillings are made of high-quality Belgian chocolate by Callebaut. 

  • salted caramel - macadamia

  • nutella - caramelized hazelnuts

  • chocolate ganache

  • dark chocolate - lemon

  • carrot - walnut - cream cheese

  • hazelnut - espresso ganache

  • lemon - raspberry

  • lime - strawberry

  • blueberry - cream cheese


  1. How long in advance should we order our wedding cake?
    To secure your day I suggest to inquire as as early as possible. I accept bookings up to one year in advance. The appointments in wedding season can book out in advance.
    I only accept a maximum of 2-3 cakes per weekend, dependent on size, design, and delivery location. 

  2. Can we choose different flavors per layer?
    Yes, no problem.

  3. Can I order a wedding cakes with fondant? 

    Unfortunately not. My cakes are all coated with a light swiss meringue buttercream. This is a fine taste experience refined with real vanilla. 

  4. Which design ideas are possible?
    Lots! On my
    Instagram you can get an idea of my style - Sylish, modern, elegant, and minimalistic.

    If you have specific ideas, then please send your inspirations together with your inquiry. I will gladly work with you on an individual design.
    Please note, I do not copy other creators’ cakes. However, by understanding what designs you like I can use this as basis for your wedding cake design.

  5. Can I loan a cake stands from you?
    Of course! I highly reccommend loaning a cake stand. I makes a huge difference to the presentation and apparence of your wedding cake.
    You can loan these for a deposit of 100€ (in case of loss or damage) with return in Freising.

  6. Can I pick up my wedding cake?
    Single layer cakes with simple designs can be picked up by arrangement in Freising.
    Multi layer cakes must include delivery, as this is a delicate process and the final touches are often needed on site.

  7. How do I cut a wedding cake?
    Due to the height of the indivudal layers, my design cakes are cut differently than a cake from the bakery. I will provide all necessary information to the staff members of your wedding venue and explain in detail on how the cake is constructed and the ideal method for cutting the cake.